Biomedical theories of aging – In memory of Prof. Tomasz Biliński

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How to get to conference venue ?

To get conference venue from Rzeszow railway and central bus station, bus 0A could be used to the stop “University”.
To get the venue from Rzeszow airport (Jasionka), located 15 km from the city center, several lines of public buses could be used which deliver to downtown different places), see:
From there, the venue could be reached either by city buses or by taxi.

TAXI Public transport
Radio Taxi Rzeszów
Euro Taxi Rozkład jazdy MPK
iTaxi Rzeszów

Other Airports

From To Approx. time
(by bus or trains)
Kraków (KRK) Rzeszów 2 h (160 km)
Katowice (KTW) Rzeszów 5 h (246 km)
Warszawa (WAW) Rzeszów 5.5 h (300 km)
Wrocław (WRO) Rzeszów 7 h (509 km)